uTAFS Ubuntu Installation


  • Click "search" button for entering Terminal in Ubuntu.

  • Enter "terminal" to the search bar.

  • On Terminal screen, enter "sudo apt-get update" command and wait a few seconds untill the procedure ends.

  • Go on with the "sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6 lib32z1 lib32z1-dev" command. Sometimes system may need accaptance to go on, please hit "enter" to finish the procedure.


  • After clicking the link, first click "Save File" then go on with "OK" button.

  • Click the downloaded file for opening the installation screen.

  • Click "Install".

  • When installation is completed, right click the link udev.py and go on with "Save link as".
  • Download and save the file in any folder you want.

  • On Terminal, go to the folder where the file is downloaded with "cd" command. (In this example the file is downloaded to  /home/koral/Downloads folder)

  • You may check the path of udev.py with the command "ls".

  • As you run the program using "sh udev.py" command, your Ubuntu user password will be requested.

  • After entering the password, the program will execute.

Now the system is ready for uTAFS' installation.

  • Run the program by clicking uTAFS file on your computer.

  • Click "Install" on the next screen to complete the procedure.

* During the installation, in some steps, system will ask for your Ubuntu User Password. Please enter it and go on with the procedure.