uTAFS: Ultimate Tests for Android’s Functionality and Stability

    The purpose of this program is not testing only applications, but also testing the device, the Android installed in and critical applications together. Thus, the manufacturer or importer tests products easily in the shortest time with lowered costs, before placing them on the markets. uTAFS provides fast and accurate reports for improvements to increase the sales.

    For example;

  • Can your device play youtube videos smoothly?
  • Is there any problem when downloading or uploading something from the internet?
  • How is the WIFI signal level?
  • How much battery usage on maximum brightness, in screen color yellow and in screen color blue?
  • Which applications fail in stress test?

    For many parameters like these, uTAFS prepares the desired number of test scenarios, run these scenarios on unlimited number of devices, analyzes and reports the results.

    The program consists of two basic parts: 

  1. Management (PC): This part of the program is used on the computer. Scenarios are prepared here. It also sends the scenarios to the connected devices and reviews the logs of the test devices. 
  2. Agent: It runs the scenarios and records all events that have occured on the devices.

    Manufacturers / importers, can run tests on any android device before placing them on the market. These tests are necessary to minimize the aftersales problems and maximize the product quality. Currently all these tests done and reported by dozens of technicians manually. These processes are accelerated and simplified with uTAFS. Todays android is not only used in mobile phones and tablets, but also in Household appliances, Tvs and many smart appliances, too. uTafs allows these devices to be tested automatically. 

    uTAFS offers a variety of tests to producers. These different tests are applicable to different devices. The tests measure the android functionality and stability. Manufacturer or importer tests the operation of the device in terms of hardware and software and has the opportunity to compare with other brands. Manufacturer or importer sees the errors on the device in a very short time and may inform the suppliers by using uTAFS. For Example, a mobile phone manufacturer or importer:

  1. Prepares scenarios to test any hardware or software speciality,
  2. Runs many / infinite number of tests on many / infinite number of  either own or competitive devices,
  3. R&D employees will find all analysis documents ready on their monitors in the morning,
  4. Finds out the errors quickly and makes improvements and developments on needs,
  5. Compares the rivals easily and useful for marketing and pricing activities.