Flexible Scenario Management

    Control is all in your hands.

  Preparing test scenarios with uTAFS is quite easy. Test engineers don't need any other resources and don't have to spend time on coding.

    There are more than 250 actions defined for all tests. These actions can be combined to prepare infinite number of test scenarios, without any limitation. While preparing test scenarios, engineers are totally free to combine actions, adjust phone settings, set parameters, define conditions etc. Management is all in your hands.

    Parameters and actions used in recorded scenarios can be quickly changed due to technological improvements and new model designs.  As a living system, the program is constantly updated and developed. New actions and features are added to uTAFS on customer request and upon technological improvements.

    uTAFS is a platform independet program that operates on the following 4 bases: Anroid API, Image Processing, Text Recognition and Event Handling. With these features you are able to test your device and software in every aspect. Multiple software and hardware specialities can be tested in the same test case. It is possible to observe hardware reactions while applications are in use.

    Prepared scenarios are kept in the archive and can be reached easily..