Detailed Analysis

    At the end of the tests, reports and graphics are ready on your monitor with a single "click".

    After the log files of tested devices are transferred to the computer, uTAFS prepares the reports and graphs immediately. So there's no need for extra work and time to enter data and to form reports.  

    Since the program is capable of recording every reaction in millisecond precision, a long, detailed log file is created. 
    Test date, starting and finishing time of every action, repeats and total running time are all kept in uTAFS Log.
    Device Information contains device model, phone number (if there's an active simcard inserted), and all software and hardware situations.
    In Android Log, all exceptions and errors occurring at each function are shown in rows. This makes debugging and fixing much easier.
    Moreover, Battery charging and discharging speed, temperature, CPU and GPU usage, sim signal quality, download and upload speed can be examined as graphics.
      Test reports and graphs can be transfered anywhere with "Export" button in .jpeg and .log formats.