Cut Your Costs

Save Your Time and Money

    uTAFS allows you to perform tests with minimum costs in minimum time. New developments, even give the opportunity to test the devices while the processes are continuing on production line.

    Today, a customer performing 30% of quality tests with uTAFS is saving 25 technicians cost for 1 month. At the same time, automized tests, takes 1/4 time of the same tests performed manually. Furthermore, program is free of possible human mistakes and able to measure and report in required precision values.

    In manuel testing, usually 5 devices can be assigned to one technician due to test type. In fact program can run tests on infinite number of devices at the same time. Devices can be connected to the computers via usb multiplier ports. Once the scenorios sent to devices and started to run, the computer connections can be cut.

    At the same customer mentioned above, 2 test engineers performs tests on 100 devices consistently without a need of any other technician. Also tests taking long time like battery usage can be performed out of working time. As engineers start the tests before leaving office, test results and reports will be ready on the next morning. In addition, they won't  spend time on data recording and processing for preparing reports after tests. All the exceptions, errors, hardware behaviors and changes such as CPU, GPU, Memory, Battery usage and temperature may be monitored easily.

    Using uTAFS decreases labor costs at least 50% and testing time on cases up to 75% with accurate outputs. Increasig automization rate will lower the costs and time more meaningfully.

    Generally two times more workers than the workers on production line, perform production tests. Even a simple Wifi connection test, can take 90 to 120 seconds when performed manually. Technicians have to choose network and enter password again and again each time. Human related facts like,  mistaken entries, distractibility, considering unimportant, getting bored of repeating and etc. can cause much more loss of time. Yet, uTAFS can perform this test in maximum 30 seconds and repeats in any number without getting bored. Efficient usage of test automation will also grow the production capacity incrementally.