Automatize up to 90%

We don't only test the software of your device, we test the hardware as well.

    With the technological improvements, smart devices are taking more place in our daily life. As we can all see, new models of many brands are being launched and displayed on shelves in different sectors every day. Challenging competition conditions force the producers to move faster on product developing and quality management processes. The first  producer who places the new product with the latest technology, always outcompetes, gains more profit and prestige.

    Products must be tested fast and correctly before placing them in the market. As a matter of fact, test automation is becoming more important every day.

    At the present day, tests are mostly performed manually. However test automation provides serious advantages on time and costs. For example, if the test device has 256 KB logging capacity, there's only 15-20 seconds to read and find out the problem when it crashes. Otherwise test must be repeated many times and observed carefully untill catching the error.

    uTAFS is a platform independet program, operating on Android API, Image Processing, Text Recognition and Event Handling bases. The only thing to be done is preparing Test Scenarios and sending them to the devices. Quality Engineers don't have to spend time on coding. Program runs your tests on devices like a real user and creates detailed reports in the fastest way.

    Today, you can automate your device tests up to 90% with uTAFS and the ratio keeps increasing by developments day by day.